Charlie Hebdo Cover Depicts Horrifying Reality For Minorities

Charlie Hebdo released a new cover after Election Day that encapsulates the fears and dangers many Americans face under a Donald Trump presidency.

Donald Trump

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is known for its aggressive covers. Some have been controversial and others have simply held up a mirror to the flawed world we live in.

In their latest cover, following the election of Donald Trump as president of United States, the magazine played upon the fears that minorities in America face under Trump’s presidency.

The animated graphic features a caricature of President Barack Obama sweating profusely with red eyes and running away from two white cops with their guns pointed at him.

“Obama, once again a regular citizen, like the rest of us,” the cover says.

On the surface, the image addresses the ongoing police brutality issue plaguing the U.S. and the notion that black communities are being deliberately targeted. However, there is also a deeper message.

People of color were already living in fear even under Obama’s leadership, and those emotions have only been strengthened with the election of Trump, who founded his entire campaign on racism and xenophobia.

Trump has called for the construction of a massive wall between the U.S. and Mexico, proposed mass deportation raids, suggested a ban against all Muslims from entering the country, and has demonized Black Lives Matter, threatening to have the movement federally investigated.

Although most of his promises will be nearly impossible to execute, his campaign platform has given corrupt law enforcement and the racists of America the green light to continue attacking minorities.

Charlie Hebdo’s cover is a gut-wrenching reminder of the social climate that will only worsen under Trump. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @CarolineFourest

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