Charlotte Church Rejects Inauguration Offer In Brutally Honest Tweet

Singer Charlotte Church posted a no-holds-barred tweet to President-elect Donald Trump rejecting his staff’s offer for her to sing at his inauguration.

As Inauguration Day quickly approaches, the running joke has been President-elect Donald Trump’s pathetic search for musicians and singers to perform for his big day.

After being snubbed by most Hollywood A-listers, Trump has sought out contestants from singing competitions, the Radio City Rockettes, and religious choirs to provide entertainment for the ceremony.

While the Rockettes and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir are confirmed acts, members from both groups have publicly expressed reservations about performing at the event.

The choir even lost a member who declared that she, “could never throw roses to Hitler” in a metaphorical comparison to singing for Trump.

Apparently, Trump’s team most recently reached out to Welsh singer Charlotte Church, who declined the offer like countless others. However, she submitted her rejection in a tweet that carried the sting of a million bees.

“Your staff have (sic) asked me to sing at your inauguration, a simple internet search would show I think you’re a tyrant. Bye,” Church wrote, followed by four poop emojis — presumably to further illustrate what she thinks of Trump.

As The Huffington Post notes, Trump’s team definitely did not do their homework before asking her to perform. If they had, they would have found her tweet from December 2015 in which she called him a “Sith death eater” and proclaimed that she “really, really” detests him.

Trump and his No. 1 henchwoman, Kellyanne Conway, are trying their hardest to push this false reality that they don’t want big names to perform. Conway told "Good Morning America" co-host David Muir that the event “is not the Academy Awards, it’s an Inauguration for the people.”

But let’s face it, they’re just downplaying the fact that Trump is so widely disliked that celebrities don’t want to celebrate his stolen victory.

Thus far, Church’s social media response to performing for Trump has packed the hardest punch, and likely elicited a collective “Ouch!” from his team. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Charlotte Church - Reuters /Donald Trump - Wikipedia, Michael Vadon

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