Cheapskate Takes A Dollar From Miserly Tip Every Time Server Messes Up

“I s*** you not, you will receive the best service of your life. Ha ha, all in all a great evening with my love and a good dinner experiment,” said the man.

Some people choose not to tip their waiters if they receive bad service, but this couple took their selfishness to a completely new level.

A screenshot of a Facebook post, tweeted by Twitter user @pimpcey, revealed the height of insensitivity someone can reach to supposedly “teach” waitstaff how to deliver the best service.



As the post shows, an unnamed man took his wife out to dinner and placed five $1 bills on the table, in plain sight of the waitress.

Each time she messed up, the patron would deduct a dollar from the already meager bunch. At the end of the dinner, whatever was left was the waitress’ tip and the man assured everyone that by following this technique, “you will receive the best service of your life.”

He also said that the waitress first appeared confused but then clued in to what’s happening and provided them with extra bread, which prompted him to add the one dollar he had deducted from the pile back to the tip.

The whole thing sounds like some sick Pavlovian classical conditioning experiment. The degrading trick earned a lot of backlash from disgruntled Twitter users.









Perhaps this person should be taught a lesson on how to behave to the waiting staff — or else, someday he might be taught a lesson he never forgets by one of these people he so ruthlessly treats.

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