See The Offensive Statue That Made Thandie Newton Slam Starbucks

Art can sometimes warrant outrage, as was the case with a culturally insensitive statue displayed inside a Starbucks where actress Thandie Newton recently visited.

Actress Thandie Newton slammed a Starbucks on Twitter for a very insensitive statue of a black child wearing a loin cloth carrying a basket of coffee beans.

"Seriously Starbucks? At the counter - Loin cloth and Safari hat on a black child. Happy New Year circa 19th century," Newton said in a sarcasm-filled Tweet expressing her disapproval of the "artwork." 


Starbucks responded by tweeting back an apology, claiming the figure had been removed and an “investigation” is underway.


What is there to investigate? It will never be clear why companies, government agencies, educational institutions and the like always try to pacify those who call out any kind of wrongdoing by offering to "investigate" the situation.

The store used a decorative figure representing a black child collecting coffee beans which was extremely insensitive and exploits the hard labor children in developing countries endure. There's nothing to investigate, just don't do that. 

There are undoubtedly many identical statues floating around in other Starbucks locations because they typically all have the same décor. 

While some may say Newton overreacted or try to argue that the statue was just "art," those excuses simply highlight the lack of understanding that people have regarding cultural sensitivity

Yes, here's a great idea ...  let's pay homage to all the little naked colored children made to endure strenuous labor so that you may enjoy your caramel macchiato. 

You may not be able to change other people's circumstances or hardships and you don't have to feel ashamed for reaping the benefits of their labor but you certainly don't have to exploit their situations either.

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