Chelsea Clinton Foreshadows Election, Calls Bernie 'President Sanders'

While campaigning for her mother in Minnesota, Chelsea Clinton accidentally referred to her opponent as "President Sanders."

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, made one of the biggest blunders possible while campaigning for her mom.

While speaking publicly of her mother’s opponent, Bernie Sanders, she referred to him as “President Sanders.”

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During a rally in Minnesota, she told the crowd that the U.S. needs to strip away legal immunity for gun manufacturers. She tried to take a dig at Sanders by pointing out that he once voted for that particular protection when she got ahead of herself and referred to him as “president.”

She quickly tried to recover from her slip of the tongue by clarifying she meant to say “Senator Sanders” and then adding, “I hope not ‘President’ Sanders!”

Sanders has become Clinton’s top competitor following the very close results from the Iowa caucuses. He’s also received some big endorsements from former NAACP president, Ben Jealous, and from the eldest daughter of a prominent victim of police brutality, Eric Garner.

Chelsea’s seemingly minor mistake is actually kind of a big deal — Clinton’s own daughter is foreshadowing her loss. 

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