Cher Ruined Her Heartfelt Istanbul Tweet With A Bomb Emoji

Superstar Cher angered many Twitter users by using the bomb and explosion emojis in a tweet referencing the Istanbul Ataturk airport attack.


The last time that legendary diva Cher made headlines for something she said on social media was when she slammed Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder on Twitter for the Flint water crisis, calling him a murderer.

She was praised for her support of Flint and her fearless public takedown of Snyder. Flash forward about six months later, and she has now managed to greatly upset the Twittersphere with an insensitive tweet about Tuesday’s Istanbul Ataturk airport attack.

In a tweet that was meant to show solidarity with the citizens of Turkey and lend her prayers, Cher also included the bomb and explosion emojis — apparently to illustrate the tragedy she was referencing.

The emojis were deemed by many people as insensitive and inappropriate.

Despite the backlash she received, Cher is seemingly unapologetic as she used the same exact emojis in another tweet just a few hours later in reference to her UK friends affected by Brexit.

One Twitter user replied to the newer tweet demanding that she stop using the bomb emoji to which Cher responded by telling them to “#Foff,” but not before clarifying that she meant no disrespect by using the emoji in the first place.

It is very evident that Cher did not mean any deliberate harm by using the little animations, but she is being a bit crass by getting so defensive and not understanding of how it came across to others in a negative way.

Following the attack at one of Europe’s busiest airports, Turkey’s prime minister confirmed that 36 people and the three suicide bombers had died and according to Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, 147 people were wounded. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters, Keith Bedford

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