Small Child Accused Of Destroying Over $1,000 Worth Of Sephora Makeup

A $1,300 eyeshadow display at an Augusta, Georgia, Sephora store is no more after a child allegedly destroyed it while browsing the store with their mother.

Close-up of a Sephora shopping bag

Children are oxymoronic in that they can be innocent and quite destructive at the same time.

Case in point: A Sephora display of Make Up For Ever eyeshadow testers was demolished by a little human, who, presumably, mistook them for finger paints.

The display was made up of more than $1,000 worth of makeup, which is now ruined. Sephora shopper and makeup artist Brittney Nelson came across the horrific mess at an Augusta, Georgia, location over the weekend.

She took photos of the unsettling sight and shared them on Facebook with a little reminder to parents about shopping with “tiny humans.”

Nelson’s post has since gone viral, garnering more than 26,000 shares and making headlines.

While Nelson did not say in her post that she saw the child destroy the display with her own eyes, she told INSIDER that she and her friend “walked in right as a lady and her kid were hustling out of there.”

"The glittery footprints helped us decipher it was a tiny human,” she added.

After Nelson shared the post, many commenters chimed in to agree that the child responsible should have been better monitored or simply not brought into the store.

However, others accused Nelson of shaming the mother in this situation and other parents who bring their children shopping with them.

It should be noted, though, that Nelson did not just tell parents to leave their children at home. She also offered suggestions to try with kids from her own experience shopping with a child.

“Being me, I’ve needed to bring Allie into many makeup stores as she’s grown and had a strict ‘hands in pockets’ rule for her and a strict 10-minute rule for me. It was very helpful so if you must take your kiddos makeup shopping I suggest trying it,” she wrote.

Despite facing some backlash for putting the child on blast, Nelson said she isn’t fazed by the negativity.

“I woke up to the internet mob of insanity because of my one cranky post," Nelson reportedly said. "I honestly don't think I said anything 99 percent of people don't think anyway so I'm not that devastated by the hurricane of it."

She also clarified that her intent behind the post was “not mom-shaming or kid-hating in the least.” This is certainly not the first time she’s encountered this issue, which is likely what prompted her to share this PSA.

“I've seen messed up testers a gazillion times throughout the years from tiny humans," she said.

Regardless of how you feel about what Nelson wrote in her post, the photos of the damaged, expensive merchandise is enough to break the collective heart of makeup lovers everywhere. 

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