Children Make The Funniest Faces While On Amusement Park Rides

Theme parks are usually fun, but not for children who are absolutely terrified of the rides. In such cases, parents are the ones who have more fun laughing at their kids.

Amusement park rides are supposed to be a thrilling experience, but they're the stuff of nightmares for some kids who seem to think they're on the edge of doom.

Although the children went there to have some fun, the ones who really laughed are the parents, since their kids were totally terrified of the rides.

“Definitely not alone: ‘This is my daughter on Seven Dwarves Mine Train this past May,’” a woman on Facebook wrote.

Childrens Reactions A number of parents have shared absolutely savage images of their child’s visit to amusement parks.

One mother posted a photo of her confused daughter who pulled off an expression somewhere between confused and scared while going down the Splash Mountain.

Theme Park Rides

A little girl sitting beside her father on a different ride seemed like she was either going to burst into tears or scream her head off — or both.

Theme Park Rides

Theme Park Rides

“My kids are in the front. They still laugh every time they see this picture!” the above image was captioned.

Even though the children look fairly scared in all the pictures, the parents know it's all in good fun, even when their kid is literally holding onto the handle bar for dear life.

“If this were a normal ride, she wouldn't be allowed on it because she's not big enough. I can guarantee you that this child is OK. She's not scarred for life,” another Facebook user wrote.

Theme Park Rides


Theme Park Rides

Theme Park Rides

While the parents are laughing now, it'll be interesting to see if the kids grow up to share the joke or are terrified at rides for life.

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