Chinese Bakers Atone For Low Profits By Crawling In The Snow

The bakery boss went down on his hands and knees because he was unable to meet his goals. However, his loyal staff soon followed suit.

This Chinese baker just took work motivation to a whole new level.

There have been many stories of bosses punishing their employees for not meeting their designated targets. However, it’s rather unusual to see bosses punishing themselves for not working hard enough. The latter happened in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province, China, when a bakery boss crawled in subzero temperature to atone for low profits.

The baker was, according to reports, punishing himself for not reaching his $20,000 sales goal by crawling in the snow covered pavement from one branch of the bakery to another.

The bizarre form of atonement, apparently, motivated his staff members to join him as well, which resulted in an awkward procession, as can be seen in footage posted above.

Passersby watched the strange line with mixed reactions of amusement, encouragement and scorn.

Such incidents are not uncommon in China. But not all of such acts are done voluntarily.

Previously, bosses of a company in Henan province of China, forced their employees to their hands and knees and made them crawl around a frozen lake after they didn’t meet the required goal. Many of the employees suffered from bruises and scrapes from the ordeal, not to mention humiliation, and some were even reduced to tears.

In yet another instance, a group of employees were told to kneel for 60 minutes on an overpass as penalties for not finishing their work tasks.



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