Caught On Camera: Bank Employees Publicly Spanked For Poor Performance

The video shows the manager doling out at least four rounds of spanking and at least one woman recoiling each time, it appears, in pain.

If you ever get angry at your rude boss again, always remember the plight of the people in this video.

People’s Daily has posted a video on Facebook showing Chinese bank employees being publicly spanked for poor performance.

In the shocking cell phone footage, a man can be seen and heard asking eight employees, standing in a line, why they did not "exceed themselves" during a training course.

The man, reportedly the corporate coach of the team, then hits each employee with a wooden stick on a stage, before telling them to "get your butts ready."

The incident took place at a rural commercial bank in Changzhi, northern China, People's Daily said.

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After the video of the bizarre spanking ritual went viral, netizens on Weibo, China’s popular microblogging website expressed their outrage over the treatment of the employees.

"When I first saw this, I thought it was another cheap public relations stunt from a bank but I can't believe this is real," said one Weibo user, according to the BBC. "This is nothing but degrading and it's so obscene to watch, where are the leadership values?"

"Expose this rotten company and the awful leadership it claims to possess,” stated another. “This company should be closed down if it thinks it can get away with treating its employees like that."

South China Morning Post reports the Shanxi Rural Credit Cooperatives Union, which runs the rural commercial bank, said the two executives, including the president of the Zhangze bank, were suspended.

The bank would also help the humiliated employees to seek compensation from the trainer.

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