Chinese Couple Try To Delay A Flight By Sitting On The Runway

The wife allegedly dragged her husband through the gate, “knocking down” several employees and squatted on the runway to prevent the plane from taking off.



There was no way the couple could get on their Shanghai-bound flight that was already on the move so they did the only thing that came to mind — they squatted on  the runway to stop the plane from taking off.

They had to be eventually removed from the runway by the police. They were detained as well as fined $62.

The couple missed the last boarding call for their flight and arrived at their gate at Beijing International Airport after it had closed and the plane was all ready to take off.

They reportedly forced their way onto the runway with their luggage as the plane was taxiing and the woman sat on the tarmac keeping the plane from taking off.

The airport staff and security officials tried talking to her and getting her off the runway but to no avail.

“When two police officers tried to approach the woman she got really emotional and started crying and waving her arms,” said an eyewitness.

The plane was able to depart only after the woman was dragged by her husband into a police car and driven away.

As a result, the flight was delayed by 20 minutes..

The couple said the correct flight time wasn't communicated to them — a claim refuted by the airport authorities, who maintain the time was printed on the tickets as well as broadcasted throughout the airport.

That's one determined (read stubborn) lady.

But she's not alone. Passengers usually get quite desperate — even aggressive — when they realize their plane is leaving without them. See these American Airlines passengers for example:

Similarly not long ago, a Ryanair passenger created quite a scene on the tarmac at Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport when he jumped off an 8-foot-high jet bridge with his hand luggage and made a desperate dash after the plane he had missed.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Peter Cziborra 

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