Chinese Bus Driver Saves The Day By Pulling Off An Impossible U-Turn

Turning a huge bus around on a narrow two-lane road with steep concrete barriers on each side is no easy task, but this heroic driver somehow pulled it off.

A large part of China is currently experiencing heavy rainfall and flooding.  The dramatic rainstorms have delayed and canceled hundreds of flights and closed a number of subway stations all across the country. The flooded roads have forced thousands of people to abandon their vehicles and take shelter.

Like other areas, flash floods have disrupted transportation in the city of Xingtai in central China's Hebei province, where news media have hailed an unidentified bus driver a local hero for saving the passengers in his bus from a flooded underpass.

The video of the incident, which went viral on Chinese social media website Weibo, show a huge green bus making an almost impossible U-turn on a narrow two-lane road with steep concrete wall dividers on each side.

In fact, the length of the bus was about the same as the width of the road.

However, with some excellent skills, the driver managed to maneuver the vehicle without a scratch and returned his passengers to dry land.

Watch the extraordinary U-turn, which has since gone viral on the internet, in the video above.

Large parts of central and eastern China have faced torrential rain this summer, killing more than 200 people.

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