Escalators Are Becoming A Downright Death Trap In China

When a simple trip the upper floor sends you to the hospital, it's time to start taking the stairs.

Is it just us, or is riding an escalator in China akin to taking your life in your hand? The number of escalator accidents taking place recently is out of hand.

Last Friday, people going up an escalator in a shopping mall in Ningbo, China, faced something rather unexpected as life turned around for them — literally.

As the shoppers were on their way up, the machinery malfunctioned and changed its direction, causing everyone to topple over like dominoes. The onlookers rushed to help those being dropped off helplessly at the bottom of the escalator.

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Security cam footage shows the mind-boggling incident, which sent five people to the hospital with injuries.

One of China's largest escalator manufacturers is now under scrutiny, as authorities look into the cause of the accident.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened. In fact, escalator mishaps have become rather common in China.

In July 2015, a Chinese mother desperately trying to save her son when an escalator platform gave way died as she fell into the hole.

For those afraid of escalators, such accidents are an absolute nightmare. Surely many people will prefer to take the stairs and exert a little more time and energy, rather than facing such dangers while simply going from one floor to another.

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