Chinese Women Can Now ‘Store’ Their Lazy Husbands While At The Mall

The Global Harbor Mall in Shanghai has glass cubicles equipped with video games where wives can stash their husbands while they go shopping.



A Chinese shopping mall has come up with a novel idea to babysit husbands while their wives are busy shopping.

Apparently, research shows that men get cranky after only 26 minutes into a shopping spree, so as usual, China has come up with a (arguably) brilliant invention to save the day — and it’s called the “husband storage” pod.

According to a local media outlet, The Paper, the Global Harbor Mall in Shanghai is testing a new pilot program for wives or girlfriends to leave their cry-baby partners in tiny glass cubicles where they can play video games while their better halves go shopping.

Each “husband storage” pod comes equipped with a comfy chair, a computer, monitor and gamepad along with an abundance of 1990s computer games. The pod’s official name is “Private Lounge” (but we like “husband storage pod” better) and can be reserved through QR codes. Currently, the facility is free as it is still in its trial stage, but this will change if the mall decides to keep them as permanent fixtures.

Billboards in the mall have been marketing the pods for weeks and so far they have proved very popular with husbands and boyfriends who would rather be couch potatoes.

One shopper, identified only as Wu, said he loves the cabins.

“I do not like to accompany my girlfriend shopping, so whenever we go out shopping I will look for a movie to see or find a place to eat and sit,” he said, according to the Telegraph. “Sometimes when my girlfriend is shopping I play on my mobile phone, but now the mall has a machine, I can let my girlfriend feel at ease shopping.”

So it’s all for the sake of the girlfriend, isn’t it?

But this cozy arrangement still needs to be improved, according to Wu, because “there’s no ventilation or air conditioning, I sat playing for five minutes and was drenched in sweat.”

As for the female shoppers, they have mixed reactions to the machines. Some women are concerned they would be left waiting outside the glass boxes while their husbands finish their games (a very realistic concern), while others are left wondering what’s the point of asking their partners to go to the mall with them if they vanish inside a glass box. But in the hindsight, nobody wants a partner who is constantly whining at being dragged from shop to shop, so it’s probably a good thing.

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