Real-Life Spider-Man Scales Building With His Bare Hands To Save Child

The unnamed 2-year-old child was dangling out of the window by his neck, having got caught between two bars.

An adventurous toddler in  was apparently home alone in Liaocheng, China, when he tried to climb out of the window, but fortunately got stuck in the window, thwarting a potential fatal fall.  

Still, the 2-year-old was hanging by his neck, his head caught between window bars. A local resident spotted him dangling from the bars and called out for help.

A man known only as Lei, the heroic real-life “Spider-Man,” rushed to the rescue as a crowd gathered to watch in horror. Lei scaled the high-rise with his bare hands to save the child dangling from the window.

He held onto the boy till a locksmith came and broke into the apartment and helped the two in.

"I got here and found the boy barely moving. His legs were shaking. I decided to climb up as I thought he was in danger," Lei told the reporters.

“The security window left a trace on the boy's neck. If the boy turned his head, he would fall from the gap of the bars,” he added.

No doubt he has become a local superhero and the people are calling him China's very own Spider-Man.

Banner/Thumbnail credits: Reuters 

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