Bizarre: Seven People Ride On The Same Motorcycle In China

The youngest passenger on the overcrowded motorcycle is an infant strapped into a baby carrier and held by a woman.

A family of seven people riding on the same motorcycle was spotted in China and now people can’t stop talking about it.

The bizarre incident occurred in the city of Hezhou, Guangxi Province, and was captured on traffic cameras.

Photos show around four adults and three children, none of whom were wearing any helmets. The youngest passenger is an infant who is riding in a baby front carrier.

According to local Chinese media reports, the driver of the motorcycle was later fined by traffic police.

As strange as it might seem, it turns out the (potentially dangerous) trend isn’t really uncommon in China.

A similar scene was witnessed last year when a seven family members were photographed while crammed on to a motorcycle in the county of Duchan.

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