China Convinces Youth To Join The Army With Hip-Hop Music Video

“Even if a bullet passes through my chest, my mission remains carved in my heart,” go the lyrics to People's Liberation Army’s slick new advertisement.

How can China attract more young people to join the world’s largest standing and ever-expanding army? By putting together a montage of tanks, rockets, gruesome head shots and damsels in distress to the backdrop of aggressive rap, of course.

The China People’s Liberation Army (PLA) recently released an action-packed hip-hop style music video in a bid to lure young military recruits. The clip, aptly titled “Battle Declaration,” starts with a PLA soldier donning his uniform, complete with a cap and white gloves, while the voiceover says, “There is always a mission on your mind, there is always an enemy in your view… War could erupt any time, are you ready?”

In an apparent attempt to make PLA look cool and desirable to the young generation, the video also includes images and clips of cutting-edge technology, like aircraft carriers, ballistic missiles, stealth jet fighters and spaceships, as the lyrics in the background go: “Even if a bullet passes through my chest, my mission remains carved in my heart. Brothers, let’s follow this path, Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar with animal spirit.”

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As it turns out, the idea behind this recruitment ad is to show “the PLA as modernized as the United States military,” according to the China Daily. Although it has not released recruitment numbers or trends, China currently has 2.3 million-strong force.

“The style of promotion accords with the attitudes of young people toward the army and the imagery used appeals to hot-blooded young men,” said retired PLA colonel Yue Gang. “It is also a nature for the army to adopt modern media technology to attract young men in modern times.”

The clip has received mixed comments on Chinese social media platform Weibo, where online users have both called the promo “awesome!” and said “There's no theme here and the rap doesn't make it better.”

Well, it is at least gaining traction among the intended audience.

Watch the rollicking — and slightly morbid  recruitment video above.

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Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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