Watch The Most Racist TV Ad To Ever Come Out Of China

The infuriating commercial for Qiaobi detergent is easily the most offensive and uncomfortable thing you will see today.

An insane advert for a Chinese laundry detergent brand, Qiaobi, is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

The commercial, which left hundreds of thousands around the world feeling uncomfortable and appalled, aired recently on China’s cable TV. Featuring an Asian woman and her black (seemingly splattered with paint) boyfriend, the ad is so blatantly racist that it will make your toes curl in disgust.

It starts quite innocently with a woman putting her clothes in a washing machine. Since such mundane ad is the last thing one would expect to be offensive, the viewers were not very alarmed when a black man suddenly appeared in the doorway, covered in paint and wolf whistling at his girlfriend.

Then things got a bit wild.

The woman lured the man toward her before shoving a gel detergent pack into his mouth and pushing him face first in to the washing machine. Then she hops atop the covered lid to trap him in.

As if the out-of-left-field domestic abuse portrayed was not enough to upset some viewers, the entire ad took a turn for worse when moments later, the man finally emerged from the machine fresh, clean and, well, Asian.

Yes, it seems that Qiaobi detergent is so powerful it can wash black off the people, who, according to the creators of the ad, are apparently dirty or in need of cleaning.

Unsurprisingly, the internet lost its cool over the absurd race-altering commercial.







As Shanghaiist pointed out, the Qiaobi laundry detergent commercial is a rip-off of an Italian ad that aired almost a decade ago.

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