Chinese Government Releases Gangsta Rap Video To Impress Foreigners

The song aims to tell Westerners that even though China has its own set of problems, it is working toward making a change.

China faces a number of problems as it battles air pollution, food safety challenges and crooked politicians. Now adding to the list is bad rap.

In an attempt to enlighten foreigners about their country, and clear any misconceptions that might exist, China’s Communist Youth League CD REV, a Chengdu-based rap group, released a rap video titled “This is China.”

The song kicks off with a catchy beat and rap quite impressively manages to work in the word "Chi-phenomena."

“Regardless of all the prejudice in the past today I wanna restore the impression you have on my country China,” it goes.

The rap also states that even though China has “terrible problems,” the country is peace-loving, affluent and at the forefront of scientific research.

The video posted on Weibo soon attracted tens of thousands of views as it became popular amongst both Chinese and foreign people.

And here’s the chorus, and it's absolute gold:

This is China

We love the country we the Chi-phenomena

The red dragon ain't no evil

But a peaceful place

The beautiful land with rich culture remain

Speaking to news outlet Sixth Tone, Wang Zixin of CD Rev explained the song was particular put together so that Westerners could understand China better. "We want Westerners to know that Chinese know our problems and we are trying to make a change,” he said.

While some Weibo users expressed their love for their country, and spoke of how excited they were to hear the new song, others critiqued it for its beat, and even went on to call the video a form of propaganda claiming they were “embarrassed” to watch it. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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