Mini Tornado Throws Schoolboy Several Feet Through The Air

As teachers hurriedly evacuated students, a whirlwind struck and lifted a little boy high into the air.

A little boy is lucky to be alive, and miraculously suffered only minor injuries, after three dust devils tore through an elementary school in China's northern Gansu province and tossed him in the air like a rag doll.

The students were enjoying a sports event when three dust devils, measuring 90-100 feet, struck Yuanquan Primary School’s playground. 

"We immediately started to evacuate the students. But in a very short time, the second round of the dust devil arrived," Fang Fang, a teacher, told state broadcaster CCTV. "We brought the short and thin children together to lie on the ground.”

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After two dust devils threw schoolbags and books up several feet into the air, a third one sucked in one boy, later dropping him on the ground.


"A huge whirlwind was suddenly formed at the center of the square, bringing a student into the air. It was at least three meters (yards) high. I rushed to him and tried to catch him. But in just two or three seconds, the student fell to the ground," Tong Ruiyang, a local police department official, stated.

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The student reportedly suffered minor head injuries and was taken to the hospital following the incident.

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