Chinese Court Punishes Teen Bullies By Sending Them To Military Camps

A Chinese district has launched a trial program sentencing young bullies to arduous military training camps under their parents’ supervision.

Chinese Court Punishes

Although teenage bullying is more or less a global phenomenon, the problem seems to be getting much worse in china, where teens have been making headlines for going to extreme lengths in order to torment their peers.

For instance, a viral clip from last year showed a group of seven bullies brutally assaulting a young Chinese girl in a back alley. Another similarly horrifying video showed teenagers mercilessly whipping a 12-year-old before binding his limbs and throwing him into a rice field.

Now, it looks like one district in the country is trying to tackle the problem using some eyebrow-raising methods.

The Tongzhou District People's Court and the local schools are reportedly running a trial program, where they are sentencing young offenders to hard labor and arduous military training. The school will determine, upon the completion of the program, if the teenage convicts should return to their classes or expelled altogether.

As a local newspaper, The Mirror, reported, there are 14 girls between the ages of 15 and 17 currently enrolled in the trial run, conducted in the presence of their parents.

“The offenders also take part in other activities, such as listening to lectures and receiving psychological support,” explained Wei Dan from the Tongzhou District People's Court. “We arrange for them to undergo special military training on the first day, so that in future, they will be able to consciously abide by the school rules.”

The news of the new initiative took the Chinese social media by storm, receiving mixed reviews from the netizens.

“This sentence is too light,” wrote one, according to BBC. Another commented, “It is not enough to make them learn their lesson.”

Given how serious of an issue school bullying has become in China, several online users echoed similar sentiments, with some calling the problem a “social cancer.”

“These bullies are not being educated by their families and don't have a good home education,” said another Weibo user.

However, not everyone seemed onboard with the program.

“Speaking as a student, I think military training will be a really painful thing,” commented one, while another said, “How do kids nowadays see this? I feel sorry for them.”

Some Weibo users also warned these teens might grow into bigger bullies after going through the rigorous training, as they would be physically stronger.

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