‘Ingenious’ Thief Disguises Himself As Ghost To Avoid Security Camera

The man couldn't let an inconsequential thing like a camera get in the way of his loot. So, he decided to disguise himself as a ghost.

A thief in China tried to disguise himself to pull off a robbery. But his enterprising plan fell flat — epically.

A video on Chinese social media, Weibo, shows an innovative (read: not!) thief attempting a burglary while dressed as a ghost. The man crept into a residential complex in Jinjiang, Fujian province, on July 12 after climbing a flight of stairs but was forced to quickly duck back when he saw the building had a security camera.

However, the man wasn’t letting an inconsequential thing like a camera get in the way of his loot. So, about 20 minutes later, he returned, this time wrapped entirely in a long white sheet that covered him from head to toe and made him look distinctly like a ghost — but only if the person seeing him was blind. He then slowly shuffled past the camera.

The police investigated the incident and found out the not-so-ingenious thief had cut down a curtain from the first floor for his ghostly apparel. However, his master plan did not go off as he intended because the camera had already captured the man’s face.

The officers were able to track down the would-be robber at an apartment in Shishi on July 16 and discovered he was not able to steal anything from the building (surprise, surprise).

However, he did confess to seven crimes since July and was subsequently arrested by the Chinese police.

This isn’t the first time ingenious thieves in China have come up with unconventional ways to commit a robbery.

A thief in Changsha city in Hunan Province decided to cut down an entire tree in order to swipe an unattended bicycle chained to it.

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