Callous Teacher In China Forces Students To Slap Each Other

The teacher ordered students to hit each other harder and if they didn't, stepped in and dealt them a hard blow himself.

A Chinese university teacher came up with a cruel and unusual punishment — forcing students to slap each other, not once but repeatedly.

In a shocking CCTV footage posted to Chinese Twitter-like social media, Weibo, the teacher, who has been identified as Lu Ping, can be seen ordering students, regardless of their gender, to slap each other.

The appalling incident occurred at Hexi University in Zhangye city in the Western Gansu province of China.

The video, which went viral on social media, claimed the students were being punished for arriving late to class.

The callous teacher can be heard threatening students to hit each other harder or he would step in and do the job himself. He told the students to hit each other repeatedly if he deemed they were not putting enough effort into their slaps and in a few instances stepped up to a student and dealt them a blow himself.

Only once they had sufficiently delivered the corporal punishment were the students allowed into class.

The Gansu Provincial Department of Education started investigating the incident once the video came to light.

“Hexi University has been investigating the incident overnight and held an emergency meeting to look at how the incident should be dealt with,” education department officials stated, adding that the offending teacher has been fired from his position in accordance with Chinese law.

Senior officials of the university also visited the students involved in the punishment and said they would provide the students with psychological counseling. Lu also begged their forgiveness and asked them not to “hate” him for his harsh behavior.

However, Chinese social media users were not so forgiving and not just slammed the teacher but also the students for silently standing by and not standing up to the teacher.

“Not a single one stood up against the teacher, what on earth is the university teaching?” commented Weibo user sunsunsun.

This isn't the only instance of a Chinese teacher who turned to violence against his students.

A student and teacher at Fanji High School in Anhui, China, got involved in a brawl when the student refused to hand in his test paper and the teacher responded by grabbing his collar.

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