Chinese Company Forces Underperforming Employees To Slap Each Other

A Chinese cosmetic company reportedly ordered underperforming employees to kneel down and slap each other in order to keep their jobs.

A bizarre video doing the rounds on the internet shows almost a dozen female employees kneeling on the ground and slapping each other as a victorious music plays in the background.

The women, who work for Chinese cosmetic skin care company Nanchang Jinhuayuan Meiye, apparently underperformed throughout the year — and their bosses decided to give them a ridiculous physical punishment for them to keep their jobs.

Unfortunately, this isn’t where the madness ends.

The bosses actually believe the “employee abuse” was some kind of team-building activity.

It is not; physically hurting employees will never transform thems into goal achievers. If anything it gives people a sense of insecurity and fear in the long run.

The underperforming employees, who were from the sales department, were forced to slap each other across the face in front of hundreds of their colleagues at the company’s year-end gala, which was held to celebrate the company's 14th anniversary.

The pathetic exercise didn't stop until the boss’s final order.

A screen in the background read "Ruthless Team" — which was a kind of mental state that the firm is apparently trying to instill in its employees by meting out physical punishment.

"It was a show of team spirit," said an unnamed company spokesman trying to justify the humiliating spectacle.

 "It happened during the opening of our year-end gala, and only once."

"Our team is strong," he added.

After the clip went viral on social media, Chinese individuals slammed the company for adopting such insensitive policies. 

There are no clear reports of police investigating this case.

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