Chinese Couple Defies Death In An Extremely Stupid Skyscraper Stunt

A young couple performed death-defying, and incredibly senseless, stunts on top of a skyscraper – all for the sake of viral fame.

A Chinese couple posted a hair-raising video online, featuring themselves performing a stunt routine on a high-rise building, including one where the man raises the woman on his shoulder and turns around in circles.

The masked woman is taped jumping, running and somersaulting on a ledge, hundreds of feet above the ground, as if it were a jogging track. Footage shows her holding onto her boyfriend's arm as she dangles with just one leg on the perilous edge.

The video has amassed thousands of likes and comments but some people have called out the foolhardy couple over their dangerous aerobatics.

“So dangerous, for me it is meaningless,” Aung Myo Myint commented on Facebook. “No one will think you are so brave. They will think you are stupid and crazy. Think for your parents before doing such dangerous things.”

"These people are real nuts. Why must do this to show off endangering own lives?” asked Ricky Wong. “If wanted to be a hero die a hero with applause not disgrace.”

“Who would let this dumb asses up there,” Martin Yales, another Facebook user, said. “I would hate to be the one who cleans them up.”

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However, many other congratulated the pair on their bravery.

“Think from different perspective, people, maybe this is the dream of this lovely couple, they need to have so much courage to challenge this,” said a Facebook user. “Of course her bf worry about that but we can see that her bf held her hand so tight to ensure her safety.”

Although making such a video may seem like an adventure of a lifetime for this young couple, many others have had their lives cut short for the love of the camera.

In Russia, a 13-year-old boy plummeted to his death when he was trying to show off for his friends by dangling from his fingertips from the rooftop of a nine-story building.

Another Russian boy died when his rope snapped as he was engaged in “rooftop photographing.”

Wang Zijian of Sichuan, China, was killed when he tried a parkour style stunt and hurled himself from a 120-foot-high bridge.

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