Chinese Man's Romantic Gesture For Wife Turns Into Headache For Locals

For this Chinese woman, her prince charming arrived in a helicopter instead of a horse, and literally swept her off her feet.

A couple in China made sure their wedding was remembered by more than just the attendees after they caused a huge traffic jam in the middle of a Nanyuan Road in Shanghai.

The havoc lasted for an hour, and passersby had no choice but to watch on as a red carpet was rolled out on the road. The bride, along with her bridal party and security guards, made her way down the street toward the chopper waiting to receive her. 

The newlyweds then took off, with grins on their faces, but Chinese citizens who had to patiently wait in the traffic were not very happy about the inconvenience caused. Interestingly, the couple had even sought permission from local authorities to carry out the extravagant public departure, and the roads were “officially” closed.

Truly, money has the power to do absolutely anything.

Images of the event were captured by onlookers and posted on China’s social media platform, Weibo, as people criticized the couple for blocking roads. They also expressed their surprise at the authorities for allowing something like this to happen.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Pixabay, TRAPHITHO

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