Chinese Engineer Couldn’t Find A Wife, So He 'Built' One For Himself

This 31-year-old Chinese engineer was not having much luck finding a suitable wife, so he decided to do something extreme: He built one.

All the singles out there know how complicated it gets when you are on a lookout for a life partner and don’t find a suitable match.

A 31-year-old Chinese engineer was tired of the search, so he decided to do the most unusual thing — he developed one.

Yes, you read that right. He took an extreme route and developed a female robot.

Zheng Jiajia, an artificial intelligence expert, built his future “wife” last year. As creepy as it sounds, he even gave her a name. She is known as Yingying.

The engineer reportedly married the female robot in a simple ceremony.  He dressed his mechanical wife-to-be in a black suit and covered her head with a red scarf — a Chinese traditional wedding ritual.

Zheng’s family, including his mother and some friends, attended the wedding.

They told local media Zheng tried to find a girlfriend, but when he couldn’t find an actual living, breathing female, he decided to use his technical talents for marital purposes.  

According to reports, Yingying, the “wifebot” has the ability to identify Chinese characters and pictures. She can even say a few simple words.

However, the creator, and now the husband of “wifebot,” plans to upgrade the robot so that one day it can walk around the house and do house chores, just like humans.

While this may sound crazy, experts have warned that robot-human relationships will become far more common in the future. According to a researcher, humans are likely to marry robots in the next 35 years.

Due to China’s once-child policy, which was reversed in 2015, the country has higher male population than the female. According to reports, this gender imbalance, which is expected to increase, makes it really difficult for men to find a life partner. 

It is estimated that by 2020, there will be 30 million more men than women looking for a partner in the Asian country.

Many young people in China feel trapped as their families pressure them to get married.

Sadly, the age factor is also a big problem in the country. Men who are older than 30 and unmarried are termed as shengnan, which literally means “leftover men.”

According to the country's family planning policy, women who marry at the age of 23 and men at the age of 25 are regarded as entering a "late marriage." 

Some Chinese men have gone to disgusting lengths to deal with familial pressures.

As for Zheng, he found a new, technical way to deal with the pressure and plans on eventually growing old with his robo-wife.

The internet obviously had a reaction to this sci-fi reality.





Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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