Concerned About His Obese Workers, This Boss Pays Up For Slimming Down

Workers at one Chinese firm have a cash incentive to shed their excess weight.


Workplace wellness programs are all the rage, to keep employees healthy, cut down on missed workdays and encourage active lifestyles. But most workers aren't paid for their efforts.

Wang Xuebao, the chairman of Xian Jingtian Investment Consulting in Xian, Shaanxi province, has started an initiative for weight loss by rewarding each employee with 100 yuan ($14) for every kilogram of fat they shed, according to South China Morning Post. 

The aim is to endorse “healthy weight loss.” The minimum weight loss to become eligible for the cash prize is 3kg.

An employee, Zhou Wei, said more than half of all workers have been able to collect the “weight-loss award” every month. She herself was able to earn 2000 yuan ($290) in the past month for shedding 20 kilograms.

“Today, I made fried mushrooms and eggs,” she said. “Before, I definitely had to have meat, I would have meat every meal.”

Moreover, she joined a gym to accelerate her weight loss.

However, the frontman himself has been unable to lose weight. Chairman Wang said he was “distressed” that he and his employees were getting overweight by sitting on their desks all day long. Although he said the results of his new initiative far exceeded his expectations, he himself could not lose weight. Is the incentive not appealing enough?

Although the move has produced positive results, health experts say it could promote discrimination of people based on their weight and can also cause unhealthy diets and weight loss.

But if Wang’s initiative has taken measures to prevent these concerns, it is possible that many employees at Xian Jingtian Investment Consulting will move forward on the path of healthy lifestyle.

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