Man Literally Broke The Internet Because He Didn’t Want To Go Viral

This man was captured in an embarrassing public display and wanted his photos off the net. So he took matters into his own hands and it cost him big time.

This man learned the hard way that breaking the internet is just a figure of speech.

A Chinese man, identified only as Liu, who came to the city of Weifang, China, in June, decided it would be a good idea to attend a neighborhood square dance — an activity associated with middle aged women.

However, Liu wanted to have fun and showing off his best dancing moves did not faze him at all — until he saw a group of bystanders snapping photos of him in the embarrassing dance postures. The poor man quickly walked off the scene but he knew the damage was done. And so he decided to save himself from further humiliation by trying to break the internet — literally.

While on a walk, Liu, presumably armed with tools, decided to destroy four optical cable network receivers so his humiliating photos could never surface. He targeted cable boxes owned by China Telecom, pried them open and then ripped out the contents.

The vandalism cost the government 100,000 yuans ($15,000) worth of damage but Liu’s mission was accomplished, at least temporarily as thousands of residents were left without the internet.

After a long investigation, the police finally found and apprehended the suspect on Aug. 19.

It’s interesting to note that the embarrassing dancing pictures have yet to surface. Maybe the people who took his pictures had better things to do than post photos of random strangers or maybe he was just not important enough to show up in the top results.

Whatever the reason, Liu can now spend his tenure in jail in peace, knowing he is not a source of amusement for thousands of people.

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