Chinese Man’s Take On ‘Rolling In The Deep’ Will Leave You In Stitches

The man, Liao Jialin, sang Adele’s hit single in a dialect spoken in the Ningxiang County in the Hunan province — and boy, did he do a number on it.

On a television show that asks participants to cover popular songs in different Chinese dialects, a man covered Adele’s 2010 lead single “Rolling In The Deep” and immediately created a new internet sensation.

You will understand why after listening to the cover yourself.

The performer, Liao Jialin, appeared on “1.3 Billion Decibel” and sang the hit song in a dialect that is spoken in the Ningxiang Country in the Hunan province.

Quartz reports the video was first released online on Aug. 5. Since then, it has racked up nearly 500,000 views on Youku — a YouTube-like video-hosting service based in Beijing. On WeChat, a popular Chinese social media app, the video attracted even more fans.

The unusual cover has left viewers divided, apparently.

A Chinese-language website described it as “the craziest cover song you’ve ever heard.” Meanwhile, at least one WeChat user appreciated Jialin’s effort, saying, “Adele is the one that doesn’t know how to sing.”

Watch the video above to judge for yourself. [Fair warning: You might end up with knots in your stomach and gasping for air while listening to it.]

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