Teacher And Students Get Into A Massive Fistfight Caught On Video

A video of an unexpected brawl among a group of Chinese students and a teacher has taken social media by storm.

The fight caught on video at a Chinese high school has netizens scratching their heads over the sight of a teacher brawling with students. 

The video shows the students and teacher at Fanji High School in Anhui, China, calming down every little while, and then bursting into physical violence repeatedly.

The teacher, known by his surname Ma, is seen embroiled in an argument with his student after he refused to hand in his test paper. As the teacher kicked off with physical violence, grabbing the boy by his neck, other boys from the class interfered and pushed the teacher in defense of their friend — resulting in a melee of fists and kicks

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For now, the headmaster of the school, Zhang Mujiao has been suspended. School authorities are looking into the incident.

It's equally distressing that the teacher thought he had the right to hit the young boy, and that students did not hesitate before doing the same with their teacher. It is rather unexpected that in a country like China, where teachers and elders are given the highest level of respect, these students did not think twice before getting physically violent with their mentor.

Check out the absurd video above. 

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