Chinese Thief Chops Down An Entire Tree To Steal A Bicycle

Chaining your bicycle to a tree is not as safe as you might think, at least when a thief is this determined.

If you thought tying a bicycle to a tree would ensure its safety, this video might change your outlook on a lot of things — including humanity, probably.

Surveillance footage from Changsha city in Hunan Province, China, shows a thief going to extraordinary lengths in order to swipe an unattended bicycle tied to a roadside tree. Posted online by People's Daily China, the video shows a man pulling up by the road and getting off his motorcycle to check out the bike.

He then somehow procures a saw and chops away at the tree with a cartoon-like speed, bringing it down in a matter of minutes. He then stealthily picks up his loot and puts it on his own bike before leaving the scene.

The authorities reportedly have not identified the bike thief, but the video of his innovative heist went viral on Weibo, the Chinese social media equivalent of Twitter.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Stringer 

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