Best Friends From Orphanage Reunite In Tear-Jerking Video

What are the odds that two toddlers living in a Chinese orphanage could be reunited an ocean away? But this is exactly what happened to these overjoyed tots.

A little boy and girl, who were raised together in an orphanage but were separated when one of them got adopted, have been reunited — and their reaction is enough to move anyone to tears.

Dawson, 3, and Hannah, 4, were best friends at an orphanage in China. However, it looked like their strong friendship had to come to an end when Hannah got adopted by the Sykes family who lived halfway around the world in Lewisville, Texas.

Sharon Sykes, Hannah’s adoptive mother, saw the close bonds between the two toddlers at the orphanage and when the little girl showed her pictures in which they were always holding hands or sharing toys, Sykes decided she could not keep them away from each other.

So after returning home, Sykes immediately sent out a plea on Facebook to adopt Dawson. Luckily, the Clary family, who lived in the same neighborhood heard the entreaty and decided to add Dawson to their family despite the fact that they already had three biological children.

After 11 months, the two kids were finally reunited and enthusiastically hugged one another as soon as they saw each other at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

“They must have hugged 400 times! They kept hugging and getting so giddy that they would fall over,” Dawson's mom Amy Clary told KTVT.

As luck would have it, Hannah and Dawson now live only five minutes apart from each other and can meet other whenever they want.

The two children are not the only ones who are overjoyed. Sykes also feels her family has been blessed.

“That is such a wonderful option for families and we hope people will consider it,” Sykes said on “Good Morning America.” “You think you’re doing something for these kids, but in the end we’ve been so blessed. Our lives have been made so rich.”

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