Chinese Woman Faints After Breaking A $44,000 Jade Bracelet

When the woman found out the bracelet was worth $44,120 and she had to pay for it, she started hyperventilating.



A tourist in China had a panic attack after she broke an astronomically priced jade bracelet.

The woman was visiting a jade market in Ruili City in China’s Yunnan province when her shopping trip turned into a nightmare.

The woman, who has not been named by Chinese media outlets, went to a major jade trading shop and apparently tried on a bracelet. However, as she pulled it off, the priceless bangle slipped from her fingers, fell to the tiled ground and broke cleanly into two pieces, reported the People’s Daily Online.

When the shopkeeper told her the bracelet had been worth 300,000 yuan ($44,120) and she had to pay for it, the woman started hyperventilating. She started making calls to her friends and told the shop staff she was feeling dizzy. As people tried to calm her down, her lips turned blue, she started sweating and then, in the next moment, lost consciousness and slipped into the arms of bystanders.

The video show people administering traditional treatments, like putting pressure on the woman’s upper lip to wake her up.

“She fainted because of the shock, but fortunately she is fine after having emergency treatment in hospital,” Lin Wei, one of the shop’s owners, said.

The shop owner did not report the incident to the police and said they were negotiating with the woman’s family for adequate compensation based on her finances.

According to witnesses, the family offered the shop owner 70,000 yuan ($10,325) in damages. However, he refused claiming it was not enough to offset his loss.

Although the owner told the family the bracelet cost 300,000 yuan ($44,120), an independent expert who valued it said it was worth around 180,000 yuan ($26,551). The family has now agreed to pay this price.

Although it’s not clear how much burden it placed on the family, the internet has found some hilarity in it.





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