Oops: Chinese Woman Throws Coins Into Jet Engine For ‘Good Luck’

Passengers panicked upon seeing a woman throwing coins on the plane, one of which landed inside the engine.


You can be a quaint elderly woman and still have the will power to whip up panic at the airport, infuriate passengers and delay flights.

That's the life lately of an 80-year-old woman who we only know by her surname Qiu.

Qiu managed to delay a flight by five hours, had 150 passengers evacuated and prompted a search of the China Southern Airlines aircraft that she was supposed to board with her family.

Before hopping aboard the plane, Qiu threw nine coins at the plane for good luck. Some passengers saw her doing this and alerted the airport authorities. Passengers were evacuated and a thorough examination of the plane undertaken.

One coin had made its way inside the engine and was retrieved. The crew was concerned about the scale of damage just one coin would have caused if sucked into the mechanism.

The old woman was detained and later released once it was clear that she had threw the coins not to cause damage, but because of her religious beliefs.

Banner / Thumbnail : Wikimedia Commons

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