Angry Chinese Lady Scolds 'Shameful' Chinese Tourists In Viral Rant

Far too many Chinese visitors and tourists have been accused of misbehaving in and outside of China. And "Sister Bin" has had enough.

Bin Bin Ji, a woman from Beijing, also known as "Sister Bin," is perhaps becoming the world’s most favorite Chinese tourist.

Why? Because she had the courage to call out her unruly fellow Chinese tourists for trying to take home a piece of wood from Lover’s Beach in Phuket, Thailand.

In the video, Bin starts off by describing another Chinese woman in her tour group who insisted on taking a large piece of wood from the popular tourist spot, despite the fact that tour guides had told her multiple times she was not allowed to do so.

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Sister Bin also talks about the mentality of misbehaving Chinese travelers, calling for them to change and obey the laws in the country that they visit.

Her tongue-lashing quickly went viral, picking up admirers in China and beyond.

The video has since been watched more than 443,000 times with 6,500 shares on her Facebook page, where she has 5,500 followers. The same video uploaded on Chinese website Shangaiist's Facebook page with English subtitles has over two million views.

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Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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