Chinese Woman Pretending To Get Hit By A Car Is A Colossal Acting Fail

If there were awards given out to people for poor acting, this woman would have won all of them because she really is a very bad performer.

People faking car accidents and injuries for money in China is a pretty common trick.

In fact, as is evident from the numerous viral videos available on the internet, people put in a lot of planning and effort to pull the scam.

But not this woman.

A new dashcam video uploaded on YouTube shows a woman in the city of Nanyang, in Henan province, running across the road and launching herself at a car that had already stopped.

Obviously, since the car was stationary when she came in front of it, the woman’s original plan to fake an impact didn’t work out.

So, she quickly came up with another, very lousy, plan: She stood in front of the car, leaned on the hood for a split second and fell down.

And then, as if this wasn’t stupid enough, she got up, leaned against the hood again.

NPR reports the video has gone viral on Chinese media. One netizen even called it the "worst performance ever."

For those unaware there is a term used in China, “peng ci,” or “touch porcelain,” to describe the fraud the woman in the video tried and fail to commit. While it can be hilarious sometimes as in the video above, most of the times the practice prompts serious concerns and causes problems in cases where people actually get hurt.


For instance, in February 2015, a 57-year-old-man in Yuhuan County in Zhejiang Province, collapsed on the road. Four cars and 23 people reportedly ignored him and passed by. Eventually, a car ran over the man’s body.

Banner/Thumbnail Image Credit: Reuters

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