Watch: Chinese Woman Racially Abuses Filipino Maid On A Bus

“What a SHAME! So, you think you've earned respect in that kind of attitude?! You don't own the world, miss…”

The mistreatment of domestic workers seems to be becoming increasingly common in China. Case in point: Footage of a woman is going viral after she went on racist rant at a Filipina maid on a bus in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong.

A woman named Angela Sentillas Pasco posted the clip on Facebook, explaining she was a victim of the xenophobic rant. She said she boarded the bus and sat next to the Chinese woman and that’s when she began yelling in Cantonese.

Pasco said the woman complained about her size and called her “fat” and said she is overweight by “a few hundred pounds.”

“You’re only good for doing farm work. You overstay, the police will arrest your smelly c****. This isn’t your home, did you know? Go back home,” the woman said.

She further ranted, “This isn’t your home, you’re not a Hongkonger, get out.”

The racist woman then accused Pasco of breaking her phone and told her  the gadget is “worth more than you.”

“You’d never be able to cover the cost. You and your goddamn out-of-date iPhone. Mine is a Samsung,” said the woman.

She finally calmed down after other Cantonese-speaking passengers on the bus confronted her.

The video has garnered criticism, especially from the Filipino and Indonesian communities. They condemned the racist woman for the profanity laden rant and expressed their sympathies toward Pasco.

“What a SHAME! So, you think you've earned respect in that kind of attitude?! You don't own the world, miss...,” said a commenter.

Another one wrote, “I’m glad the other Chinese woman defended the Filipina.... She's a kind one..God bless her...”

“That's why I don't like it in HK,, Chinese from that place think they are above all Asians, also most of old people are uneducated from China .. very rude uneducated people,” wrote another commenter.

Recently, a Chinese employer was angered after her domestic worker used an air conditioner without her permission. The woman wrote on Facebook, “I got up at 1 a.m. the other night and saw that she had turned on her air conditioning, so I turned it off again and opened her bedroom door. Later, when I got up at 4 a.m. to use the bathroom, her door had been closed again and the air con was back on. I was so annoyed.”

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

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