Chris Christie’s Face Steals Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday Thunder

Is it just us or is Chris Christie silently screaming behind Donald Trump?



The show-stealing moment, as per usual, should have been Donald Trump’s victory speech on Super Tuesday — but all that fell apart the minute people got a look at Chris Christie's oddly vacant, distracting facial expressions behind Trump.

Christie, who endorsed Trump soon after backing out of the presidential race, stood behind the “Lie of the Year” award winner, as he delivered his speech and fired off answers to reporters. But it was the governor of New Jersey’s hypnotic expression that raised eyebrows and induced hilarity from Twitter.

Although Christie did not appear too happy during the press conference, he was a source of delight for thousands of Twitterati. By the end of Trump’s  speech, he was trending on Twitter even as the winning candidate didn’t.

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From the way Christie seemed to be hanging on each and every one of Trump’s words, it seems the GOP frontrunner has finally found a lapdog.



Or maybe he was imagining himself in Trump’s place and simply was in a world of pain.











During his failed presidential campaign, Chris Christie often belittled Trump by calling him names like “entertainer-in-chief” and “carnival barker.” Who’s the dog now, huh, Chris Christie?

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