Gov. Chris Christie Is Getting Burned Hard For 'Beachgate'

Twitter is roasting Gov. Chris Christie for sunbathing on the New Jersey shoreline, which was closed to the public during a government shutdown.

The least popular New Jersey governor in modern times, Chris Christie, is getting some serious heat after he was caught sunbathing on a publicly-closed beach during a government shutdown, according to Reuters. The scandal is appropriately dubbed "beachgate."

The suspension of nonessential services is due to stalled budget negotiations, which were supposed to be done on July 1.

As Christie kicked his feet back on the sand, many New Jersey residents had to alter their travel plans as the state parks and beaches closed on Saturday. On Monday, over 30,000 state workers went on furlough.


Christie's spokesperson, Brian Murray, defended the Republican governor, saying he was only outside for about 45 minutes and didn't even get any sun since he had a hat on (duh). "Everybody knows that Governor Christie is always at work," Murray told MSNBC

Christie's own words after reporters asked about the images were, "That's just the way it goes. Run for governor and you can have a residence," The New York Times reported.

But a picture is worth a thousand words, thanks to photojournalist Andrew Mills, who caught the image from a small plane after he had a hunch that Christie might be relaxing around his beachside home. Mills claimed Christie looked him right in the eye when he snapped those shots. 

Now Twitter is roasting the governor for roasting in the sun in those now-iconic photos. Some have even turned them into pretty creative memes.













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