Thor And Loki Set Aside Sibling Rivalry To Visit A Children’s Hospital

Two of Hollywood’s biggest stars made the day of the pint-sized, real-life superheroes at Australia’s Lady Cilento Hospital.



Ahead of the "Thor: Ragnarok" movie, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston visited the Lady Cilento Hospital in Brisbane, Australia, on Tuesday and met around 80 children and their families.

Hemsworth brought his character’s famous mythical hammer, Mjolnir, while Hiddleston came dressed in full Loki regalia, right down to the long wig and severe black costume.

The duo posed for many pictures and happily goofed around with the young patients, one of whom also included Calyn Hoad, the brave boy who received a bravery medal in Canberra this year for pushing his younger brother out of the path of an oncoming car.



Another boy, Koen Weir, had the opportunity to interview the two actors.

“What is it like getting to be a superhero or supervillain?” asked the 11-year-old.

“Well, it’s very cool, especially when I face with this supervillain,” said Hemsworth.

Hemsworth has paid tribute to the pint-sized superheroes in the hospital by posting on his Instagram account: “Met the real superheroes of the world at @ladycilentochildrenshospital. A huge shout out to all the brave kids who are an inspiration to all of us!”



Take a look at some of the other heartwarming pictures below:





The Marvel actors have been in town to film the latest Thor installment and locals have been desperate to get a glimpse of the two. The actors have also been caught trying to raise money for charity. Hemsworth was recently spotted wearing a LIVIN hoodie while on set. LIVIN is a nonprofit organization for suicide prevention and raises money for vulnerable groups by selling its merchandise.

Now they have also succeeded in raising the spirits of ailing children.

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