Woman Poses As Her Significant Other For Hilarious Christmas Card

Woman brings delight to reddit users as she posts a hilarious Christmas card celebrating being single.

Reddit user, kelsofb, posted a romantic Christmas card standing with a special someone to the community sharing site.

“Merry Christmas,” reads the card, featuring an image with two pairs of feet facing each other, making it look like she has finally met the love of her life.

Surprisingly, it turned out later, that the lady was in fact celebrating being single as she shared a zoomed out version of the photo.

She can be seen bent over with pants on her arms and her hands inside a pair of sneakers.

“From just me,” read the picture.

“My Christmas card this year. I've been single my whole life,” said the caption of the photo.

Many redditors appreciated her witty sense of humor.

“You made this?! Seriously get it published,” advised an amused user.

While one inquired about the cute blue shoes, “Legit question, what are those blue shoes called? Need them asap.”

One user even offered to take her out on a date. “Wanna date? I know I've got some pretty big shoes to fill.”

But many trolls on the website felt a need to bully and body shame the card creator, telling her to reduce weight, or else she won’t ever be able to hook up with a man.

These are some comments and responses from the reddit thread.

“Hit the gym, cut your hair,” commented a rude user.

“I've been going to the gym for 4 months and have lost 36 lbs. I also got a haircut last weekend, I'm doing just fine,” she responded.

“Just need to lose a few pounds and get some contacts and some new clothes,” said another judgmental user.

“Already lost 36 pounds and love my glasses,” she said, letting the world know that she absolutely loves her physical appearance. 

Many other users came to the rescue with clever responses for the foolish trolls.

“If people don't like you for who you are... F**ck em up against the wall with handcuffs on and glue their lips, commented redditor, Bernie Mac

“You have a heart of gold. Don't let them take it from you,” commented another one.

Meanwhile one of the user’s couldn’t stop but praise the single life, “all these people saying "LOL Loser" and "forever alone" jokes, meanwhile, I'm sitting here wishing I was a single person without kids, because I would have so much freaking disposable income and free time it would be incredible.”

Although humorous, but the idea of celebrating being single with a Christmas card is not new.

Redditors have seen a series of funny Christmas cards by Bridget McCartney.

She became a viral sensation in 2010 after sharing solo Christmas cards, and has been sharing brilliant versions since then, every year.

This was her latest solo Christmas card creation.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Pixabay/congerdesign

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