YouTuber Dad Shares Hilarious Hack For Christmas Shopping With A Baby

Shopping with toddlers during the holiday season in all-packed shopping malls can get tricky, but famous YouTube dad has a simple solution for this problem.

Famous YouTuber Jordan Watson, known for his channel “How To Dad,” has a simple solution for parents to navigate their children in busy shopping centers during the holiday season.

A simple balloon is all that is needed to keep a track of your child, according to Watson.

In the video, Watson attaches a balloon to his toddler’s belt, making it easy for him to spot her in a busy Auckland mall.

"You have to be prepared for the big crowds," Watson says in the clip, before attaching the balloon to the girl's trousers and watching her wander off.

As the toddler runs around the mall with her balloon, Watson relaxes , knowing he’ll be able to spot her easily.

The adorable parenting hack video has gone viral with over 70,000 views. 
Some viewers are absolutely in love with the fun idea.

YouTube user Ricoh Moss said, "Wow! that's a great idea, I'm gonna try this in the weekend."

Another commented, “These are always so funny! Cute baby...clever dad! Merry Christmas!”    

However, some have pointed out a crucial flaw in Watson’s trick.

Robyn Chalk commented on “How to Dad’s” Facebook page that the increase in sales of balloons may become the latest headline.

Sandy Dubey said the idea has potential but can turn into a mess.

Christmas Trick Baby

Another Facebook user, Gaz Williams, said that this is not a new hack; she had already tried it on her toddler 4 years back.

On a more serious note, a user remarked, “And a balloon protects them from being snatched up by a pervert? How?”

After going through all the comments, Watson responded to all those who think this technique is a big mess. 

"Malls may need to introduce a strict balloon policy. Perhaps parents should be issued with numbered balloons or maybe a limited amount of babies and parents should be allowed into shopping malls at any one time,” he said.

"Using different colored balloons may also work, but I don't know if there are enough colors out there."

Watson started his tongue-in-cheek YouTube channel in 2007; it is a compilation of funny videos that are intended to make people happy. 

“Some funny stuff about dad stuff. It's good stuff. I think,” reads the description of his page.  

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