A Simple Photo Of Lemons Is Helping Women Fight Breast Cancer

A graphic designer launched the “Know Your Lemons” campaign, which offers uncensored visual aids to educate women about the various signs of breast cancer.

A photo of lemons in an egg carton seems random, but it actually has a surprising connection to women’s health that could save a life. 

Designer Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont has used lemons to spark a campaign to raise awareness surrounding the visual signs of breast cancer, Mashable reports.

While it is common knowledge that feeling lumps in one’s breasts is a potential sign of breast cancer, there are several other visual signs that many don’t know to be on the lookout for.

Ellsworth Beaumont created a photo series using lemons to illustrate some of the visual indicators, such as indentations, skin sores, dimpling, bumps, redness, or heat.

The images have gone viral, reportedly reaching more than 7 million people on Facebook.

"Both my grandmothers died from breast cancer, and when the second one died, I thought I should know more about cancer than I do," said Ellsworth Beaumont of her journey to learn about the signs of breast cancer.

In her research, she discovered that it was difficult to find visual aids online to help educate on breast cancer due to the censorship of breast images — that’s where the lemons come into play.

"I thought about all kinds of euphemisms — jugs, melons. But I needed something that hadn't been used before," said Ellsworth Beaumont.  

"The lemon came up. It looks just like a breast, it even has skin and pores and a nipple. Its interior also looks like the interior anatomy of a breast," she added.

In addition to having the characteristics of a nearly perfect substitute for breasts, lemons also offer a very different vibe to the oftentimes frightening and solemn subject of breast cancer.

"The lemons are a really friendly image. They're yellow, cheerful, not like the somber campaigns we're used to," said Ellsworth Beaumont.

By scrolling through KnowYourLemons.com, you can view all of the images Ellsworth Beaumont designed, including a chart that uses the inside of a lemon to illustrate the anatomy of a breast.

"I think the reason why it's gone so viral is because people can look at the images without having to read anything,” she continued. “In one minute, people can learn all symptoms of breast cancer without feeling like they're being educated.”

Just like that, women (and men!) can learn life-saving facts about breast cancer by reviewing a simple, cheerful, uncensored graphic of lemons.

First, Beyoncé gave us "Lemonade," and now Ellsworth Beaumont is helping us get to know our own lemons. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Flickr, Andrew Comings

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