‘Free Melania’: The Most Clever Signs from Anti-Trump Protests

Some Donald Trump protesters are making their voices heard with the most creative and original placards. They are also pretty hilarious.


Tens of thousands of people across the United States have taken to the streets to protest the election victory of Donald J. Trump — a boisterous billionaire with no political and military experience who based his entire presidential campaign on hatred and fearmongering.

For over a year, the unprecedented president-elect spewed poison against African Americans and called their lifestyle “hell,” proposed to ban 1.3 billion people of an entire religion from entering the country, called Mexicans rapists and promised to build a wall on the border to keep them out. He even said women should be punished for having abortions and then went on to choose Mike Pence, a renowned homophobe, as his running mate.

This is not even the half of it.

Anti-Trump protests, considering all that he has done and said, are not surprising. People are standing up against the racism and fascism he and his supporters have spread over the past months and continue to do so.

Americans are making their voices heard — and some of them are doing it in the most creative of ways.

While most of the placards at these protests have phrases like “Not My President,” “Dump Trump,” “Love Trumps Hate” and similar words of the same variety, there are some signs that get full marks for their originality.

Here a few of them:



???? #drumpf #trumpprotest #geez

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#LA #trumpprotest

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Don't mess with my family.

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Our signs made an impact ????#TrumpProtest

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Hero. ??

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#sauronwillfall #trumptower #trumpprotest

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Lol #notmypresident #fucktrump #nottrump #lovetrumpshate #trumpprotest #unionsquarenyc #nyctrumpprotest #werejectthepresidentelect

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Find out more about the protests in the video below:

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