Clueless Mom Sends Her Photos Instead Of The Car’s To Insurance Agent

Susan, the clueless mom, had no idea about getting insurance or what goes in to the procedure. Or she was probably just confused.

What do you do when you have children like Susan’s daughter Miranda?


Miranda Santos shared her mother’s exchange with an insurance agent online making her an instant internet hit. 

When the agent (Eva) asked her mother Susan for the front, rear and side views (of her car) she clearly misunderstood and sent them hers.

"That felt weird...thanks Eva hope those work?" asked the clueless mom.

Eva wrote in reply: "Susan you look very nice but I need pictures of your vehicle." 

The tweet has been favorited and retweeted thousands of times —probably because everyone can relate to it.

The incident is hilarious, but so are many of our parents’ antics. We don’t know what was Susan’s reaction to her daughter’s "betrayal," but she seems like a good-humored person and we have an idea that Miranda's fine.

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