CNN Producer Thinks The ‘Future Of Media’ Is A Handful Of Dudes

The Hollywood Reporter’s latest cover is at the center of a bit of Twitter drama after a CNN producer’s assertion about who represents the “future of media.”

The Hollywood Reporter’s latest cover photo featuring rising stars of CNN ruffled feathers for being all male and almost completely white.

In the photo is CNN chief Jeff Zucker along with recent additions to the network's team, including YouTube star Casey Neistat, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, comedian W. Kamau Bell, and veteran anchor Jake Tapper, The Huffington Post reports.

Alas, matters were made worse by a CNN producer named Josiah Daniel Ryan who declared the image depicted “the future of media.”

Twitter was having none of this. People were quick with witty remarks and memes to troll Ryan, CNN, and The Hollywood Reporter for this poor excuse for representation.

This isn’t to suggest that the men in the photo don’t deserve to be celebrated or acknowledged, but the picture serves as a disheartening reflection of the gender and racial inequality permeating society.

Everywhere from the White House to our magazine covers, white males are constantly being portrayed as the dominant force that makes the world go around, which is not only untrue but insulting to the hardworking women, people of color, and LGBTQ folks who continue to be underrepresented. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Mike Blake 

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