Murray Energy CEO Sues John Oliver ... Just Like Oliver Foreshadowed

Just as he predicted, John Oliver of "Last Week Tonight" is now being sued by Murray Energy after dissing Robert E. Murray, the coal company's CEO.

Sometimes coal magnates can be so predictable.

When dissing coal company Murray Energy and its CEO Robert E. Murray for poor safety regulations (among other things), the host of "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver," said that Murray would sue him for his words. He was right.

Murray is suing Oliver, HBO, and Time Warner for a "false and malicious broadcast," which was a "meticulously planned attempt to assassinate the character and reputation" of Murray, according to Mashable. He's seeking damages and a court order that would prohibit re-broadcasts.

The show started off by criticizing President Donald Trump for his pro-coal platform, which promises jobs in the environmentally unfriendly industry. Trump and Murray have long blamed former President Barack Obama for a "war on coal," which has allegedly hurt the coal industry's profit.

ut as Oliver pointed out in the segment, even Murray said that the industry would never get back to the way it once was because of a changing industrial landscape, mainly thanks to automation and a shift toward cleaner energy.

The coal industry is notorious for endangering its miners' health and safety — and Murray Energy is no exception to this rule. On the show, Oliver called Murray a "geriatric Dr. Evil" for the sketchiness of his energy company when it came to its worker's safety, which included getting rid of health insurances.

A Murray Energy mine in Crandall Canyon in Utah collapsed in 2007, killing nine miners and rescuers. In 2015, Murray Energy was accused of trying to silence miners who were trying to file confidential safety complaints. 

"And I know you're probably going to sue me over this," Oliver said. "But, you know what? I stand by everything I said." 

HBO agrees with Oliver, with a spokesperson saying Murray Energy or its CEO's rights weren't violated by the show.

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