Colbert Compares Trump Vs. Cruz Decision To Being Shot Or Poisoned

Stephen Colbert offered a brilliant review of why Republican candidates can't choose a campaign front-runner to support, because both options represent death to the party.

On the troubling debate between “Ted Cruz or Donald Trump” Stephen Colbert pointed out in the best possible way that regardless of which bigoted, fear-mongering candidate Republicans choose — the outcome remains the same. 

America loses.

During Monday night’s episode of “The Late Show,” Colbert referenced Trump’s status with his party, “So the GOP establishment is lining up behind him, to push him in front of a train.”

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He then held up a recent issue of the conservative journal, The National Review, which was dedicated to denouncing and condemning Trump and his politics.

Despite the fact that the Republican Party is just as tired of Trump as the rest of America, Colbert points out that the other front-runner, Cruz, is pretty unpopular as well.

Even North Carolina GOP Sen. Richard Burr reportedly said, privately, he would rather vote for Bernie Sanders than Cruz, according to a news clip Colbert presented during the show.

“Some Republicans would get behind anyone but Donald Trump while others are on board for anyone but Ted Cruz,” Colbert said before quoting presidential drop-out Sen. Lindsey Graham — who endorsed Jeb Bush — saying of the two front-runners “It’s like being shot or poisoned… what does it really matter?”

That analogy couldn’t have been more spot on and Colbert resurrected it at the perfect time. Republicans know they're in trouble if they can’t even rally behind the campaign front-runners claiming to represent them and their values.

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Colbert suggests the two men — endearingly nicknamed "Crump" — run on a joint ticket and have campaign bumper stickers that read, "shot/poisoned 2016!" 

Watch Colbert's hilarious assessment of the two GOP front-runners below:

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