Cancer Patient Wins A Year Of Free Pizza, Donates It To Food Bank

Josh Katrick may be fighting colon cancer, but he wouldn’t let anything stop him from giving back goodness to the world.

Pennsylvania native Josh Katrick was diagnosed with colon cancer in July, and has had a rough year ever since. However, along with having to see tough times, he also happened to be the lucky winner among 1,200 people to win free pizza for a year from a Pennsylvania pizza parlor.

In an act of kindness, and with the aim to give back goodness to the world, the 36-year-old has given away all his pizza to a food bank.

"You know the saying, 'When life gives you lemons make lemonade,' well, when life gives you pizza, give away a slice," Katrick told CNN.

"I just wanted to give back to people that could use it more than I could," he told WMFZ.

Interestingly, when Katrick informed Mario’s Pizza of his intentions to donate all his winnings, the pizzeria came up with a bigger offering for him. Now the restaurant has doubled the prize so that their customer can get his share along with being able to give away an equal amount to the food bank. The young man is still reluctant to eat all of that pizza by himself.

"Maybe I'll share with my friends on Facebook and make a contest of my own to see if anyone would like some pizza,” he told CNN.

It is definitely commendable that Katrick, who has been a childhood fan of Mario’s Pizza, actually had the heart of sharing his gift with others. People on Facebook are also applauding him for his kindness with heartwarming comments on the Pizzeria’s page.

“I just saw this story on the news. Humanity at its best! Warms my heart, thx Josh and Marios!” one person wrote.

“What an awesome thing both Josh and Mario's have done!” another said. 

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